15 FEB 2019

Order, Order - doughnuts for breaktime!

In addition to meetings on mental health, improving cycling infrastructure and a surgery, Greg met today with students at Beechwood Sacred Heart School, who voted for doughnuts at breaktime.

After discussing life as an MP, chatting about local issues and explaining the workings of the House of Commons, Greg led pupils in staging a lively debate on the motion, 'This House believes in doughnuts at breaktime.'

A 'division' complete with 'tellers' (shown above with Greg), followed impassioned speeches from the girls and boys, delivering a resounding victory in favour of introducing the sweet treat, which was duly promised by the school's Headteacher – for one day only.

Greg said:

"I've always believed it's incredibly important that young people feel inspired by politics and are eager to participate in debates about issues, be they big or small, local or national. We enjoyed an engaging debate at Beechwood and saw a result which, although perhaps not to the satisfaction of all the teachers, was reached after rigorous discussion and a free and fair vote."

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