Greg hosts KCC and SENs Tunbridge Wells meeting

Greg met with members of the parent-led SENs Tunbridge Wells group and KCC today to discuss how best to support children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The productive meeting opened new channels for dialogue which will be used to help parents with children with SEN navigate the, sometimes complex, process of getting them assessed and supported by their schools and local authorities.

Furthermore, Greg received all-round endorsements for his campaign to help young people with SEN gain valuable work experience, with offers from both KCC and SENs Tunbridge Wells to help provide support in persuading local employers to take on children with SEN.

Speaking after the meeting, Greg said: “I convened today’s meeting after a number of constituents have come to me saying the struggle with the process to get their children assessed for SEN.

“It was agreed that more can be done to help parents by providing clearer information by working closely with groups such as SENs Tunbridge Wells.

“It was also agreed that we can all play a part in persuading more employers to take on children with SEN in their work experience programmes, a campaign I feel very passionately about.”