Greg meets new head of AXA PPP

Greg Clark met up with AXA PPP healthcare's new CEO, Tracy Garrad, today to strengthen his ties with Tunbridge Wells’ largest private sector employer.

Ms Garrad, who was appointed to head the health insurer in January, discussed with Greg the ongoing developments within the industry and AXA’s plans for the future.

They also discussed the company’s positive record of helping young people with Special Educational Needs find work experience through their close relationship with Oakley School.

AXA currently provides the school, and the recently opened Oakley College, with an Enterprise Advisor and has developed two programmes aimed at improving employability skills and fostering creativity.

Speaking after the meeting, Greg said:  “As the largest private sector employer in Tunbridge Wells, AXA PPP not only makes a significant contribution to our local economy but is proof that big business and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

“Their commendable cooperation with Oakley since 2014 has led to a number of young people with Special Educational Needs gain vital work experience and training and I will continue to encourage other companies throughout the area to follow their example.”

Ms Garrad said: “One of the best things about coming to work in the insurance industry, particularly in healthcare, is the positive difference we can make in people’s lives. That’s not only true for our customers but also for our employees and the community in which we work.

“I’m proud of our relationship with Oakley School and look forward to working more with them and with Greg to encourage other employers in our area to help young people with Special Educational Needs gain the valuable experience in the workplace that will help them as they embark on their careers.”