Greg urges Southern Water to stick to Paddock Wood project schedule

Greg has written to the Chief Executive of Southern Water, Ian McAulay, to seek reassurance that the £2.9 million Paddock Wood ring pipe project will be delivered on schedule, despite coronavirus and lockdown.

Having highlighted the company’s lack of investment in the town’s infrastructure in an Adjournment Debate called by Greg last November, Southern Water announced they would undertake the project – aimed at accommodating the three major developments currently underway in Paddock Wood.

Groundwork on the project is due to begin in the autumn with competition scheduled for summer 2021.

Greg said: “Despite the impact lockdown has had on many businesses, I do not believe that it will justify any significant delay to this scheme. Designs can still be drawn up, surveys undertaken and discussion held with those who own the land the pipe will traverse. Construction and infrastructure has been allowed to continue for the duration of lockdown and will continue unhindered.”


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