High Brooms Station gets Greg's backing in latest round Access for All funding

Greg paid a visit to High Brooms station today in order to talk to Barry Crick, a long time campaigner for step free access at the station, about what can be done to ensure the station is selected during the latest round of Access for All funding.

The latest round, announced by the Department for Transport, has a £1 million spending cap. This means the plan submitted during a previous unsuccessful bid for funding, which envisioned a bridge across tracks accessed by two lifts, is unlikely to be feasible, meaning alternative measures will need to be considered. 

Greg said: "It is clearly unacceptable that whether you are a person using a wheelchair or a parent pushing a buggy, you have to scale a number of steps to get ot the platform. This is why we are going to put in a bid to ensure that High Brooms station is accessible to everyone."