Visit to Capel & Five Oak Green

Greg spent a day in Capel and Five Oak Green, including a drop-in surgery at Five Oak Green Post Office and a visit to Capel Primary School.

Sustainable development through local empowerment: The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Annual Lecture

It's a privilege to be here today and to follow in the illustrious footsteps of those who have given this lecture in the past. The spirit of the CPRE is people's sense of connection to the place where they live. By and large people live where they do by choice, and they love where they live. They understand local life. They want to make their homes and neighbourhoods better places, not for the short term, but in a way that benefits people for years to come.

Improving winter rail services

Greg, and fellow Kent MPs, met with Network Rail's Kent Route Director, Dave Ward, at the House of Commons to discuss the problems caused by severe winter weather on Kent's rail services.

Traffic congestion at the North Farm Industrial Estate

Greg met with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's new Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation, Brian Ransley, plus representatives from Kent County Council and the Highways Agency, to discuss the worsening problem of traffic congestion in and around the North Farm Industrial Estate.

Voluntary Action Within Kent (VAWK) Conference

Speaking at VAWK's annual conference at the newly-opened auditorium at K College (formerly West Kent College) in Tonbridge, Greg talked about the new rights for voluntary groups which will be established by the Localism Bill, which Greg is currently taking through parliament.

Pro-localism and pro-development: A speech to the Adam Smith Institute

All nations are shaped by geography and history. America is founded on an idea of limitless freedom and space. Historically, if you disagreed with someone, you could head West. The answer to conflict about access to limited resources was the wagon train.In this country, the answer was the orderly queue. Planning arises from this same tradition of sharing space in a fair, rational and ordered way. It is an inherently civilised activity. By making places that work, it encourages investment and promotes growth. This is a unique kind of public service, and a profession that deserves to be valued and respected.

Greg holds inaugural surgery in Kilndown's new Village Hall

Greg joined the Vice-Chairman of Goudhurst Parish Council, Peter Rolington, the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Ray Lovell and architect, Julian Mamlock, to look round Kilndown's brand new Village Hall before he held his advice surgery there.

Greg visits Goudhurst & Kilndown Primary School

During a visit to Goudhurst & Kilndown Primary School, Greg was quizzed by Year 6 pupils about what it's like being an MP, Greg's Ministerial duties and some current political issues like University tuition fees.

The opportunity of neighbourhood planning: A speech to the Planning Officers Society

Planning is more than a job: it is a vocation. It helps people articulate their aspirations and ambitions for the place where they live. It promotes local prosperity, safeguards the environment, and expresses the unique character that makes different places special. This is a unique and incredibly valuable form of public service.