Joint letter calls for A21 safety action

A joint letter from Greg, Tom Tugendhat and Amber Rudd has been issued calling on the Chief Executive of Highways England, Jim O'Sullivan, to urgently address the issue of safety for both drivers and cyclists following a recent rise in accidents along the A21 between Tonbridge and Pembury, particularly following periods of rainfall. Greg has also been working with members of the Tunbridge Wells Bicycle Users’ Group to put pressure on Highways England to move swiftly to find solutions to the problem. 

The joint letter lists four proposals on how to prevent further incidents which were recommended in a coroner's assessment following a fatal accident last year and asks for reassurance that these measures will be acted upon once Highways England has completed its road safety audit on that section of the A21.

The recommendations include: Giving drivers advanced warning of surface water, improving/reviewing drainage, reviewing the design of the fence between the road and cycle path and adding a barier in from of the acoustic fencing. 

To read the letter in full, see attachment. 


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