Southern Water's Paddock Wood project moves ahead

Construction work could start within weeks on the long-awaited new drainage system in Paddock Wood.

Following concerns that the Covid lockdown could lead to delays in the plans, representatives of Southern Water were invited by Greg to update local representatives on the status of the work. Southern confirmed that plans were on track and that construction is expected to begin in autumn 2020 and to be completed by autumn 2021.

The original capital investment of £2.8 million committed in November 2019 has been increased to £4 million.

A new pumping station will be constructed off Badsell Road. Greg and local representatives urged that the location of the pumping station should avoid the requirement to use car parking spaces at the Foal Hurst Wood Nature Reserve.

Construction of the new pipeline will require highway works in Badsell Road and Church Road to avoid conflict with high voltage electricity cables. Greg and Paddock Wood representatives asked that the timing of such works should be arranged to be part of previously planned highway works by South East Water and Kent Highways to minimise disruption.

Greg said: “This £4 million pipeline and new pumping station is important to protect Paddock Wood from the risk that the new developments – some of which are already being constructed – overwhelm the drainage system of the town. I believe that the ‘I before E’ principle should be applied: this infrastructure should have been put in place before the further expansion of the town began and it is now urgent that this pipeline should be installed without delay to protect properties from flooding. However, work must be carried out to improve the drainage to existing properties and I will continue to press Southern Water to make improvements to their existing network to achieve this.”