Constituents get right to better broadband

Constituents throughout Tunbridge Wells who suffer from poor Internet connectivity will now have the right to request a decent broadband connection from the universal service provider, BT.

The Universal Service Obligation, which came in to force on 20 March, will guarantee a download speed of at least 10Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1Mbps.

BT will ensure this service either through providing a 4G hub or the installation of a fixed-line, with costs covered up to the £3,400 threshold set out in legislation. Any additional costs will be met by the customer.

Greg, who continues to campaign for better broadband in the constituency, said: “It is very encouraging to know that despite the huge impact of Covid-19 that the Government and BT have stuck to their timeframe of rolling out the USO on 20 March.

“Although 92% of premises in Tunbridge Wells currently have access to superfast broadband or better if they wish to receive it, hundreds of my constituents still have to endure very poor internet connections and this new service will go a long way to rectifying it.”

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