Upgrading mobile & faster broadband coverage

Fast, reliable broadband and mobile coverage is important for the lives of many local residents and businesses. I have been working to improve coverage in all parts of the constituency, especially in rural areas. 


Goudhurst completes full fibre rollout

Goudhurst residents and businesses across the village and its surrounding areas can now enjoy the benefits of full fibre broadband after Openreach connected the remaining properties this week.

Horsmonden homes hook up to full fibre

A total of 130 properties around Horsmonden have have been given access to full fibre broadband following the completion of a Community Fibre Project supported by Greg.

A further 120 properties join Goudhurst Fibre network

Progress continues in Goudhurst's Community Fibre Project as fibre broadband become available for a further 120 properties in the following postcodes: TN17 1LP, TN17 2ND, TN17 2NJ, TN17 2NL, TN17 1HE, TN17 1EG, TN17 1EE, TN17 1ED

Goudhurst B2 delivery begins

The final piece of the Goudhurst broadband puzzle has fallen into place after Openreach announced that project B2 will move onto its delivery phase. 

Goudhurst Project B1 reaches delivery stage

A further 80 households around Goudhurst will soon receive fibre broadband after project B1 was approved to move into delivery stage. It is estimated the build time will be 12 months. 

Goudhurst broadband given green light

Greg has welcomed the announcement by Building Digital UK (BDUK) to give the green light to Goudhurst’s Project A Community Fibre Partnership which will see more than 350 properties offered full fibre connections.

Ashurst enters the fast lane as full fibre arrives

Households in Ashurst are starting to benefit from super-fast broadband as Openreach nears completion of rolling out its full fibre network, which will also be extended to properties in the Stone Cross area. 

Constituents get right to better broadband

Constituents throughout Tunbridge Wells who suffer from poor Internet connectivity will now have the right to request a decent broadband connection from the universal service provider, BT.