Controlling aircraft noise

Intrusive levels of aircraft noise affects many of my constituents, especially those living towards the west of Tunbridge Wells. I have been working alongside community groups and local experts to press for Gatwick, the airlines and the regulators, to change flightpaths and operate quieter aircraft. 


Planning Inspectorate reopens online submission

Following Greg’s representations, the Planning Inspectorate has agreed to reopen the online submission of objections to Gatwick Airport’s proposed use of its second runway.

As travel returns aircraft noise must be combated

In today's column for the Times of Tunbridge Wells, Greg welcomes the Government's decision not to relax night flight quotas at Gatwick, following Greg's intervention. However, he acknowledges that it is just one victory in a long campaign to restore tranquillity above Tunbridge Wells. 

Low flying aircraft

Following observations from constituents that aircraft appear to be flying lower this year than in previous years, Greg has written to Martin Rolfe, Chief Executive of NATS, to enquire into why this new trend is being permitted by the regulator. 

Greg objects to night flights proposal

Greg has written to the Aviation Minister to outline his objections to reported proposals by the Government to lift the cap on night flights in order to alleviate pressure at airports. 

In his letter to Robert Courts MP, Greg said: 

In full: Greg's objection letter on Gatwick second runway

Greg submitted his response to Gatwick's proposals to bring its emergency runway into routine use today. 

 In his letter, submitted as part of the airport's consultation on the project, Greg highlighted the three main areas of concern that have led him to object to Gatwick's plan.

Gatwick consultation launched

Constituents are encouraged to take part in the consultation on Gatwick’s proposal to bring its standby runway into regular use.

Gatwick will be hosting mobile consultation session in Tunbridge Wells on 5 November between 9:30AM - 12:30PM Linden Park Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5QL

MPs meet Gatwick CEO

The MPs of the Gatwick Coordination Group met with Gatwick's CEO Stewart Wingate today, to discuss the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the airport and its future.

Gatwick campaigners meet Greg in Parliament

Greg met with representatives of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign in Parliament today to discuss how MPs can work with campaign groups to better scrutinise the airport’s plans for future growth.